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Don’t let injury ruin the sport you love
Receive treatment from the north’s leading sports medicine centre
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The North Queensland Foot and Ankle Centre specializes in the treatment of lower limb sports injuries. With the latest state of the art equipment at our disposal, we treat all levels of athletes ranging from recreational to elite sportspeople. Many of the common conditions we manage include lower back and hip complaints (when they originate from the feet), knee pain, exercise induced shin pain, ankle disorders, achilles tendon pain and various foot complaints arising from sporting activities.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a debilitating condition which can stop you in your tracks! This can make running, or even walking, extremely painful pursuits. Heel pain can also affect young sports people and often leads to sport becoming a lot less enjoyable. Our Podiatrists provide expert management of all cases of heel pain, for a quick recovery and return to sport.

Shin and Leg Pain

A high percentage of exercise induced leg pains can be attributed to poor foot function. Our Podiatrists are able to detect subtle changes in foot biomechanics (the way our body moves) through specialised gait analysis and a series of specific functional tests. This allows us to determine the exact cause of the symptoms and devise a tailored treatment plan.

Knee Pain

Many of us would not think of the foot when experiencing knee pain during exercise. This could not be further from the truth! While many knee issues can arise from reduced hip muscle strength, foot function also plays a critical role in the overall management of this condition. Visit us to find out if your feet are influencing your knees!

Sports Footwear

While we now know it is not possible to match a specific foot type to a specific shoe, there are still certain characteristics to look out for when choosing footwear for your particular sport. Our Podiatrists can guide you through this difficult process, and provide you with valuable information regarding the appropriate shoe selection.

Load Management

In recent times, much has been made of managing the loads we put through our body during our weekly exercise routines. This refers to doing “too much, too soon or too little, too late”. Our Podiatrists use specific load management strategies to allow an effective and safe return to sport by stimulating healing in tissues and ultimately restoring function

Gait Retraining

Altering running mechanics (the way we run) can be an effective strategy to assist with treatment of running injuries. This will often form part of an overall management program and must be undertaken very slowly to avoid excess loads on other structures. Our Podiatrists can advise you on the most appropriate changes (if any) required to maximise your technique.

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