Diabetes is one of the biggest health problems facing the world today. Approximately 94,000 Australians have diabetes and over half of those are not aware they have the condition. Damage to the nerves and blood supply of the feet caused by diabetes can place them at risk of damage. The damage is more likely when people have had diabetes for a long period of time or their blood glucose levels have been erratic. Smoking, lack of exercise and being overweight are the other main factors which increase the chances of developing complications in the lower limbs.

photos_diabetesMany patients with diabetes are referred to the NQ Foot and Ankle Centre for a thorough evaluation and screening. A series of diagnostic tests are performed to check for any possible complications in the lower limbs. These tests include comprehensive vascular examinations using state of the art doppler ultrasound to check for adequate circulation, and various neurological (nerve) tests to check for adequate sensation in the feet. We recommend annual foot checks for people with diabetes, to help detect and avoid any possible complications.