Sports Injuries

The North Queensland Foot and Ankle Centre specializes in the treatment of lower limb sports injuries. With the latest in computer and video equipment at our disposal, we treat all levels of athletes, from recreational to elite sportspeople. Many of the common conditions we manage include lower back and hip complaints (when they originate from the feet), knee pain, shin splints, ankle disorders, achilles tendonitis and various foot complaints arising from sporting activities.

Hamstring Injury

There are many causes of sports injuries in the lower limbs, including excess inward rolling (pronation) or outward rolling (supination) of the feet. Incorrect or ill-fitting footwear, lack of muscle flexibility, foot type and over-training are also associated with a variety of sports injuries. Each patient presenting with a sports injury will have an extensive medical and training history taken by our Podiatrist, along with in-depth video gait analysis and 3-D computerised pressure mapping of the feet. This information, along with a full assessment of foot joint ranges of motion and muscle strength testing, is used to formulate a treatment plan tailored to meet the individual needs of the athlete and particular sporting activity.