Video and Computerised Gait Analysis

Assessing foot motion during dynamic conditions is essential to understanding the effect of shoes, prescription orthotics and exercise interventions on the lower limb. The NQ Foot and Ankle Centre has installed the latest video and computer equipment to assist with identifying any abnormal motion of the lower limb during walking and running. This information is extremely valuable and enables our Podiatrists to make an accurate diagnosis before recommending a specific treatment plan.

Treadmill Running


IQUBE 4Our practice also uses the icube 3-D scanner to capture data for the design of our orthotics.The iQube scanner can be used for the production of custom-made orthotics for either diabetic or rheumatoid patients, or for the correction of abnormalities caused by biomechanical dysfunction of the musculo-skeletal system. The iQube is extremely fast and accurate. It is based on scanning technology developed for the aerospace industry, which allows high quality, full colour, 3D images to be produced in approximately three seconds. The data collected is accurate to within 0.4mm. This ensures that our laboratory can produce a right-first-time orthotic that will put the patient on the recovery path as quickly as possible.

3-D scan