Occupational Foot Disorders

photos_bootsCare of feet in the workplace is a prime safety consideration. The types of activities performed in a specific work area can often create foot and lower limb problems. Jobs which require continual standing, stepping up and down ladders, carrying heavy loads, working in water or long periods of walking or bending down all day can lead to foot, leg and lower back pain.

Podiatrists at the NQ Foot and Ankle Centre specialize in the detection and treatment of all occupational foot disorders. Stress fractures, sprains, strains, corns, callous and ingrown toenails are just some of the foot problems that can occur in the workplace, or be aggravated at work. Deep aches or pains in the arch, ball of foot or heel may be related to muscle or ligament strain, which is associated with poor foot posture. Our Podiatrists are trained to detect any problems with foot function or ill-fitting footwear, and will advise you regarding appropriate treatment options.