Are you suffering from a painful collapsed foot?

We have seen a number of people recently who complain of one foot being particularly painful and feeling like the arch has “collapsed” or flattened over time. These patients have a condition called Adult Acquired Flatfoot (AAF). AAF can be thought of as a “symptomatic progressive flatfoot deformity”. It is most common in women in the 50+ age bracket. In plain English, this means that the condition can cause pain in the foot, most notably the arch, and over time the foot starts to look flatter than its counterpart. You may also notice that the inside of your ankle shifts and looks like it may be falling towards the ground and/or your toes seem to be pointing outwards. This condition is the result of a poorly functioning muscle/tendon in the back of the leg. Ligaments on the inside of the ankle and arch can also become weak and they stop doing their job, which is to stabilize and support the back of the foot and the arch. The tendon/muscle dysfunction, in conjunction with the loss of ligament support can result in the ankle and arch collapsing and giving the appearance of one foot being very flat when compared to the other.

This doesn’t always result in pain, but when it does, you do have some options which can reduce the pain and discomfort you are feeling. Appropriate footwear, in conjunction with custom made orthotic devices, or a special light-weight ankle brace (called the Richie Brace) have all proven very effective in alleviating the pain and discomfort caused by this condition. Please come in to see us if you think you may be suffering from AAF, so we can discuss a tailored treatment plan to kick that arch pain for good!

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