Running Assessments and Technique Coaching at NQ Foot and Ankle Centre

We are pleased to offer comprehensive Running Assessment and Technique Coaching (RATC) appointments at NQFAC. If you are struggling with running generally, prone to injury from running, returning to running after injury or just want an opinion on your running form, then you may wish to consider this.
We require all new patients to have an Initial appointment to assess your needs. Following that, if it is indicated, we can make a time for a RATC appointment. The appointment is 60 mins and we require you to bring your running shoes and clothes, because you’re going to be running! You may also wish to bring sun protection and water, as a significant portion of the appointment will be outdoors.
During a RATC appointment, you will be filmed running and analysed, your footwear and any current orthoses assessed, and you will then have specific exercises or drills given to you to help improve any ‘faults.’ The majority of the appointment will be spent working on these drills. You will be coached and then filmed performing the drills. These videos will be sent via email with comments on technique. A lot of these exercises will test and train your coordination. It will not be easy initially, but that’s the point. We’re training the body to be more adaptable.
The overall goal of RATC is to remove/reduce biomechanical patterns that we know increase the risk of injury, train the body to become more adaptable and increase the enjoyment of running. So if you think this is something that could benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us.