Running When Tired Increases Risk Of Injury

Runners who continue running when they are exhausted unknowingly change their running form, which could be related to an increased risk of injury. A recent American study found that towards the end of a normal running session, runners generally displayed an increase in motion in their hips, knees and ankles. The study showed that at the end of a normal run, when runners were getting tired, their mechanics were beginning to change.

Scientists and Sports Podiatrists have long pondered when runners should stop running in order to avoid injuries. When you notice fatigue, you’re most likely putting yourself at increased risk for injuries if you continue because it’s more difficult to control the motion ranges. An excessive range of motion in the joints generally is associated with overuse injuries. The extra motion makes it harder for the muscles, tendons and ligaments to handle the strain forces related to running.

Podiatrists at the NQ Foot and Ankle Centre commonly treat a range of overuse injuries in runners including patellofemoral pain syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome in the knee, and plantar fasciitis in the foot. Many of these overuse injuries can be attributed to poor running mechanics, so a thorough assessment of gait patterns, footwear and muscle strength is imperative before getting back into your running program.

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