What Bracing Options are Available for Plantar Fasciitis?

We are often asked about alternative bracing or support options to help manage painful plantar fasciitis (“heel spur” syndrome). With all of the products available online today, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which brace would best suit your specific needs. In today’s blog, we will examine the braces we have found to be the most effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

Bledsoe Brace

This device is designed to help relieve the pain from the inflammatory component of mild to moderate plantar fasciitis, by applying pressure (compression) and tension over the inside of the heel at the insertion of the plantar fascia. It is often useful for people who cannot tolerate strapping on their feet (eg. allergies) or are unable to apply strapping by themselves. The Bledsoe brace can be used in conjunction with footwear, orthotics or even in open sandles or thongs, making it ideal for the hot North Queensland climate!

FS 6 Orthosleeve Compression Sock

This innovative orthopaedic support can help relieve plantar fasciitis by using unique compression zone technology. Six different zones of compression are used in the sock to help support the plantar fascia and achilles tendon, and improve venous flow (circulation). These socks can be worn with all sporting activity and may help aid in muscle recovery.

Strassburg Sock

The Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis night sock was the first sock proven medically effective for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. The average recovery time in a large, independant research study was 18.5 days with 97.8% of patients recovering within 8 weeks. The Strassburg sock gently holds the toes in place, allowing the foot to flex naturally. This places tension on the plantar fascia without uncomfortably squeezing or stretching the toes and placing unnecessary tension on the calf. The adjustable toe strap allows the user to increase tension to assist with other injuries where a consistent, controlled stretch may be helpful.

Moon Boot

Moon boots are only rarely required to manage highly acute plantar fascial injuries. This may include tears of the fascia or suspected stress injuries to the heel. If needed, moon boots should only be used for a short period of time to settle the initial inflammation, then removed to enable a good muscle strengthening program to commence.


When done correctly, strapping can be a highly effective short term management option for plantar fasciitis. It has a very high success rate in reducing initial symptoms, and is used regularly as part of an overall treatment program for heel pain.

If you are suffering from long lasting heel pain, contact us today to discuss your treatment option.